Marketing Tips from the Trenches: The Million-Dollar Marketing Lesson

AKA: Magic in the Mailbox Part 2:

The Power of Mail If you knew you could raise $1M without fail for your note business in 12 months or less… how much would you be willing to invest? Of course, I’m a little biased in this area – I was one of those kids who used to hang around in the driveway, just waiting for the mailman to arrive. Mostly because I hoped there was something in there for me. Remember those offers that used to be on cereal boxes? You know, send in three UPC tags plus $2.95 and we’ll send you a magic kit – or a plastic watch – or a pair of X-ray glasses? I was that kid who sent in for all of that stuff. It was really my first taste of direct response marketing and direct mail, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Even though the actual products were sometimes a letdown – like when those X-ray specs couldn’t really help me see through walls (or other more tempting things!), I was hooked. So it would make sense I would latch on to a way to build the ROI of my business and create lasting personal connections that involved…what else, the mail. My tenure with provided me with the opportunity to work with some of the top business coaches, investors and gurus in the world and form lifetime relationships with them. More importantly, I was introduced to what I’ve found to be one of the most innovative, effective keep-in-touch programs, which brings me back to you. You can do the same thing that Joe Girard did to become a master salesman – right now – with a lot less effort than ever before. As a matter of fact, sending out a handwritten card, that gets put in the mail, with a real stamp – and even with a gift alongside that card – takes just a few clicks of a mouse to do. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. This can be done for a lot less time and money than would be spent going to the store yourself, buying a Hallmark card, getting a stamp, writing a message and mailing it yourself. I found an amazing tool where you can do it for about a dollar — plus, you can include a gift or a gift card of your choice. The cards sent can include pictures of you, your business, your family, whatever you want to share. The best part is that it’s a turn key approach to relationship management and it’s web-based. It’s the easiest way to really cement a personal connection with clients, customers and business associates the Joe Girard way – without having to have two assistants to help you do it. When people are online, they’re busy dealing with business or personal matters. They’re also getting continually assaulted with digital information – an e-card is just another bit of noise and often doesn’t even get opened. In contrast, getting an unexpected personal card or gift in the mailbox, instead of just the usual bills and supermarket circulars, is a nice surprise. Isn’t it better to be a nice surprise instead of an inconvenience to your customers? The greeting card industry is a 7.5 billion dollar a year business and growing because greeting cards are more effective than ever in this increasingly automated and digital world. They still have the power to make a positive impression. Motivate, Uplift & Inspire Even though using the cards can help strengthen business bonds, these greetings don’t have to be just about business matters. As a matter of fact, they’re more powerful if they’re not. Sending out cards that motivate, uplift, inspire or that tell a person that you remember a birthday or other special occasion adds pleasure and positivity to a person’s life; leaving a lasting good impression of yourself and contributing to that person’s well-being. How successful can this kind of card campaign be? Well, please allow me to share with you the relationship marketing tool I used to help us raise over $1M in private capital in less than 9 months time! No Hype — Just Follow-Up This system allows you to implement your very own keep-in-touch system, set on auto-pilot quickly and cost-efficiently, but with just as powerful an impact as Joe Girard’s mailing system. You don’t have to send out 13,000 a month like Joe Girard did to be a success; but, if you did, you might have a better shot at making the Guinness Book of World Records like Joe did! Please take advantage of this amazing tool now by visiting: