December 2nd, 2015

Watch the training replay for December 2nd, 2015.

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Intro and Announcements


Video Notes:

Hotline Submissions – Please submit all questions through the Hotline submission form. This goes to all of our team members and we will answer within 24-48 hours if not sooner.

NIS LIVE 2016 is coming up quickly! Grab your ticket now before the price goes up FRIDAY, December 4th.

As a PPMG member, you get a VIP ticket for the price of a standard ticket ($247 until 12/4).

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Special Guest Markus Mollica with on Creative Loan Mods & Structuring for Resale

In this training, we have special guest Markus Mollica with who will show you how to get creative with your loan modifications and how to structure them to optimize a future resale, if needed.

You’ll want to make your calculations correctly so you aren’t leaving any money on the table. It’s very important you do all of your calculations accurately and quickly.

We brought Markus on to talk about the time value of money and how you can use their software called TValue to make your life easier. He also shared how to price re-performing loans you’re thinking of buying.


Markus also gave PPMG members a smokin’ deal. You can save $50 off the TValue software by going to and using the promo code “VIP50” when you checkout.

Also if you’d like to do a free trial of the software, please contact Markus directly at and let him know you’re a PPMG member through Capstone Funding Group.

NEXT TRAINING: December 16th, 2015:

This will be a training, hotline submissions, and Q&A webinar. Please submit any questions you have into the hotline form below.

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