July 29th, 2015

Watch the training replay for July 29th, 2015.

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Intro and Announcements

Video Notes:

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Due Diligence
In this training, Aaron goes through a brand new data tape and walks through the process CFG goes through when doing due diligence on a tape.

You’ll learn:
– How to do due diligence on non-performing notes and performing notes
– How to do due diligence pre-funding and post-funding
– The process for purchasing notes from CFG


The loans from the data tape shown in this video are available for sale at the time of this video recording (7/29/15), so if you’re interested, please reach out right away. Here is the process:

The Process:
1 – Email aaron@capstonefundinggroup.com
2 – NDA on file – www.capstonefundinggroup.com/nda
3 – Valid email address on file
4 – Receive a secure login to the “Note Vault”
5 – Download the data tape and supporting collateral documents
6 – Credit Reports will be provided
7 – Submit due diligence questions to the Asset Management Hotline
8 – CFG will give its opinion…this does not mean they are doing your due diligence for you nor endorsing yours
9 – Submit your bid

*For Loan Pool purchases with a minimum of $50,000 please email aaron@capstonefundinggroup.com


1 – Comprehensive Skip Trace report will be provided
2 – CFG will prepare for the recording of Assignments & Allonges
3 – You will be responsible for the actual recording of Assignments & Allonges
4 – CFG will instruct its Custodian to release all collateral files per the instructions on the Note Transfer Form as provided by the Note Buyer

Do you have any additional questions? Please post them in the Facebook group or submit a question to the Hotline.

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