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The Passive Income Accelerator:

Discover How to Create Steady Monthly Checks Investing in Discounted Real Estate Mortgage Notes

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to Earn a Minimum of 8-10x the Interest That Banks Pay Out on CD Deposits – and often times, much more than that
  • The 6 Most Common “Paper Profit” Models of Note Investing & Which One is Right for You
  • Where to Find These Opportunities & Why They Are Available in the First Place
  • Case Studies, Case Studies & More Case Studies including:
  • My very first note deal and the lessons I learned
  • A BIG Payday Helping a Couple Borrowers Get Back on Track & Keep Their Home
  • A “Back Door” Buying Strategy That Allows You to Acquire Property at Rock Bottom Interest Rates and Keep the Spread – How does 2% interest sound? (That’s not a typo!)
  • How You, Too, Can Accelerate Your Monthly Passive Income Growth in a Couple Hours a Day
  • Open Q & A at the end


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