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About NoteTools.com

At NoteTools, we provide several ways and tools for you to get started in the Real Estate Note business, including home study courses, books, live classes, a private mastermind group, and a free newsletter.

It’s our goal for NoteTools.com to be Your Blueprint to Passive Income.

We understand that everyone learns differently and has different goals, we recommend starting with our weekly newsletter, the “Note Tools Insider” where you will get Breakthrough Tips, Strategies & Case Studies for Today‚Äôs Real Estate Note Investor.

NoteTools is a company driven by fundamental values of integrity and open service. Indeed, our core values and mission statement reflect this. It is our goal to consistently achieve these levels of service in an outstanding manner.


Help Investors Succeed & Grow Passive Income

Core Values:

Integrity First.
Service Before Self.
Be Your Best!

We invite you to review the 4 areas of Note Investing Success and engage today:

1. Tools & Resources

Get the tools and resources you need to reach your passive income goals! Learn more here.

2. Live Events

Join other note investors and industry experts to learn the latest tactics and strategies in the note investing space. We provide online training classes, live workshops and each year we host the annual NoteWorthy Summit in Spring & the NoteWorthy Convention in the fall – The Place for Passive Income.

Check out our upcoming live events!

3. Mastermind

“Announcing The ONLY Mastermind And Implementation Group Devoted To Investing, Marketing, Mindset, And Implementation That’ll Boost Your Productivity, Increase Your Income, And Put You On The Fast Track To Success… Even If You’re Overwhelmed, Stressed Out, Or Feel STUCK In Your Business!”

The Paper Profits Mastermind: Implementation Group is a complete facilitated mastermind program, designed to help you create passive income and build wealth with a sustainable business. The Paper Profits Mastermind offers incredible access to trained advisors that can help you master the note business, provide access to assets, recommended and vetted vendor relations, important spreadsheets and documents, networking, peer to peer learning, and so much more.

Click here to learn more about the Paper Profits Mastermind Group.

4. Systems & Checklists

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Follow proven systems and checklists that you can take and implement right away to shortcut your success.

About the Founder:

Aaron Halderman is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker and consultant. He’s an open book willing to share his successes as well as his failures.

Aaron is the Founder and President of NoteTools.com… a publisher of several educational training programs on real estate and note investing. As well as, host & organizer of the annual industry leading conference NoteWorthySummit.com

He’s focused his career around the principle of helping others.

Aaron’s most recent book titled, “Note & Real Estate Profits”, A Step by Step Guide on Buying & Selling Real Estate Mortgages will be available next year on Amazon.

Aaron is originally from Dallas, Texas and graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University.

He currently resides in San Diego with his family.

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