August 5th, 2015

Watch the training replay for August 5th, 2015.

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Intro and Announcements
Understanding the QWR Process
In this training, you’ll learn:
– “The What, Why, When & How of Receiving and Responding to a QWR (Qualified Written Request)”
– What to do if you receive a QWR
– What is the difference between a QWR and a CFPB complaint
– What information is going to be requested?
– The facts about QWR

We also have a GREAT case study from fellow PPMG members Alan & Gloria Stratton. In this training we will actually play a live call we recorded between Aaron, Kristyn, Alan, Gloria, and Matt Kelley who discuss a QWR the Strattons just got right before one of their properties went up for sale and you’ll hear the full plan for what to do next. Afterwards, you’ll get to hear more about what happened in the time since that call.

Here is the PDF of the QWR that is discussed in the video, which you’ll want to download first before watching the video so you can have it open. Click here to download the QWR PDF.


Resources From This Training:

CFPB Portal Setup and Process TrainingClick here to download the step-by-step instructions for getting set up on the CFPB Portal

Jive Phone Systems – This is the phone system we use at Capstone Funding Group. It automatically records ALL inbound and outbound calls and saves them on our Amazon S3 server. We will do a training specifically on this in the near future.

Google Systems Setup – We use Google Drive for our entire business. At our March workshop we covered how to do this in-depth, which you can watch by clicking here. It’s covered in the 2nd video on that page. We are going to be recording a new training on this month as we’ve updated our systems and bit since then. We will email that out as soon as it’s ready.

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