June 17th, 2015

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Video Notes:


Paper Profits™: Introduction to Notes Workshop Recordings are Available:

The video recordings from the June 13th workshop have now been uploaded to the Members Area. Click here to view the recordings from the Introduction to Notes Workshop.

We broke out the videos into specific sections so you can quickly and easily find the content that’s relevant to you. There are 14 separate videos to choose from.

We covered:
– Note Investing Basics
– An Intro to the 10bii Financial Calculator
– The 6 Note Investing Profit Models
– “Where Do I Find Notes?”
– Understanding the Note Flow & Timeline
– 6 Elements of a Note to Help Determine Value
– Lessons Learned So Far
– 6 Most Common Exit Strategies
– Case Studies (Youngstown, Daly City, Coachella)
– Due Diligence Deep Dive
– Funding Your Note Purchase
– Loan Acquisitions Checklist

Click here to go directly to the June 13th Paper Profits™: Introduction to Notes Workshop recordings.

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The online Paper Profits Mastermind & Funding Facebook Group will allow us to communicate with you more often and you’ll now be able to ask questions and give feedback to other members of the group.

We’ll be posting a lot of updates and files inside of the group so make sure you join us!

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Save the Dates

June 13 in Las Vegas – Introduction to Notes Workshop. As a Member, you can attend at no charge. If you can attend, please RSVP ASAP. Click here to RSVP for the June 13th Workshop.

July 16-17 in San Diego – Seller Finance & Trusts Workshop

Several great guest speakers teaching all about buying, brokering or creating your own Seller Financed notes & upcoming law changes that go into effect August 1st.

As a Member, you get to attend this workshop for no extra charge as a benefit of your membership.

Click here to RSVP for the July 16-17 workshop

August 13-14 in San Diego – Non-Performing Notes Workshop

September TBA in San Diego – Seller Finance & Raising Capital Workshop

October TBA in San Diego – Non-Performing Notes Workshop

November TBA in San Diego – Seller Finance & Self-Directed IRA Workshop

January 20-23, 2016 in San Diego – 3rd Annual Note Investor Summit LIVE

Call Notes:

Case Study Corner: A Live Look-in on What’s Working Now & Valuable Lessons Along the Path to Our Passive Income Goals

Updated Case Studies on Coachella & Orlando.

We finally locked down an agreement with our borrower in Coachella…and I learned something new and very valuable at the 11th hour that I want you to know. I’ll be going through how we ended up structuring the deal in a completely different way to end up where we and the borrower wanted to end up originally. I’m very happy with how things ended up…and I think you would be, too, but I’ll let you decide!

We’ll also be sharing a piece of amazing news on one of our Florida files that you’ll want to be on the look out for on your files, too.

Trending Topics Week Ending June 17th

1. Do I send TILA certified mail?

  • I send regular mail
  • In the event I am questioning occupancy I may decide to send with required signature

2. Do I send Internal Demands certified mail?

  • Internal demands are sent using Stamps.com with tracking but not certied mail
  • In the event I am questioning occupancy I may decide to send with required signature

3. Does TLO have a utilities section?

  • Yes it does have utilities section and if records are found it will provide site address and billing address and dates

4. How do I know if my lien was included in BK discharge?

  • Always review PACER docket history for the schedules and list of debtors included in discharge

5. What happens if my lien was included in chapter 7 and I was notified of possible lien strip and the BK was dismissed?

  • In the event the BK is dismissed all legal ramifications are null and void at time of dismissal and you may resume your collection efforts
Do you have any additional questions? Please post them in the Facebook group or submit a question to the Hotline.

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