September 16th, 2014

Watch the training replay for September 16ht, 2014.

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Conference Call Notes:


  • Recap on Capstone Funding Group’s week wtih Saprina Allen

    • Went through different workout scenarios on active portfolio

    • Included the Friday workshop

    • Recordings will be posted soon

  • Upcoming Events

  • Skip tracing status update

    • CFG can do skip tracing for members (18.00)

    • 1-time at no cost

    • send info to subject: “ ”

    • Due by end of business September 17

  • New Asset Management Hotline

  • Non performing FIRST Mortgage opportunity

    • $1M buy by end of month (needs a form for this in future)

Open Questions on Announcements

  • Jim Miller

  • Marion

  • Gary

  • Saprina – Differences between servicer and a custodian

  • Kelly

Minute notes…

– Start – Opening Announcements

  • Weekly Calls – Please register for Uber Conference. Non-registered attendees will be removed from the call.

  • Collateral Files – Please update us on your collateral files that you have received and what is still pending. Please send a status update email to or

  • Weekly Call Page Format – Available call notes. Available from 9/2 going forward.

– Minute 2:34

– Minute 5:13

  • Mat Sorensen:

    • How I got started

    • Background info

    • Why I do what I’m doing

– Minute 9:00

  • Travis Tollestrup – What I’m doing to raise capital?

– Minute 9:53


  • Mat Sorensen – Brief overview of the IRA LLC concept

    • Overview of how it works

    • Addressing some of the main issues or concerns people have

    • Important reminders for when a self-directed retirement plan

      • Designed to hold alternative assets

        • Notes

        • Precious metals

        • Etc.

      • Some alternative assets can be held directly in the self-directed IRA

        • Others you will benefit from having an IRA LLC

        • An IRA LLC is ideal for Non-performing note assets

      • Transaction activity flow examples

        • Do’s and Don’ts

    • Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) concerns

      • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Income

    • Q&A – Is there any way to get around the minimum annual franchise tax of $800 in the state of CA?

    • Two step process

      • Setting up a self-directed IRA

      • Setting up the IRA LLC

– Minute 24:08

  • Edwin Kelley – Process of properly setting up and managing your self-directed IRA

    • Working the an expert that can properly guide you

    • 3 Step Process (from the custodial standpoint)

    • Case Study – client referred to Mat from Kelley

– Minute 28:50

  • Mat Sorensen – How each entity interacts with one another?

– Minute 31:23

  • Better explanation of a Solo 401K options?

  • After setting up a bank account under an LLC, am I tied to that bank account? Or can I open up other bank accounts?

  • Can an LLC own a personal property trust? Common issues/concerns/rules?

  • How do I effectively roll out a 401K from a previous employer to a solo 401K?

  • Can a Solo 401K add funds to a ROTH Bucket and a Traditional Bucket?

– Minute 47:24

  • Travis Tollestrup – More Announcements

    • LIVE Workshop – Max ROI with Jr. Liens – Guest Expert Saprina Allen

      • When: Friday September 12th

      • Time: 9-5pm

      • Where: 11403 West Bernardo Ct, Ste 200 San Diego 92127 (CFG Office)

      • Next Steps: RSVP your attendance by sending an email to

– Minute 50:00

  • Open Group Q&A

    • Accessing the member’s area

    • Is the “Shock and Awe package” available in the member’s area

    • Skiptracing info – status update?

    • Discount group member rate for November Las Vegas Note Event

    • How to roll over Solo 401K fund to an IRA? Withdrawing funds with no penalties prior to retirement age

    • Collateral files – timeframe/workflow

– Minute 103:00

  • Q&A with Saprina Allen

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